Thursday, September 3, 2009

UK July 13 &14

The beautiful village of West Dean.

The Tower of London.

The ravens at the Tower of London.

84 Charing Cross Road!

Breaky Bottom, champagne vineyard, Sussex, Beautiful secluded very old farm house and buildings. Superb champagne.

I had a Stilton Ploughmans here, at the West Dean village pub in Sussex.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wet August

What is normally a trickle has become a raging torrent into the ocean.

After drought for five years it has been so fantastic to have nearly seven inches of rain in August. The water table has risen and the grass is growing.

We had nearly seven inches of rain in August.

Quilt and cauliflower

Quilt made from Kim(?) Porter patches I bought in a celophane packet from Liberty in London. When I got home and unwrapped them I found they were from lots of old sheets which were in this house when we bought it! No wonder I could afford them in Liberty!! But I love them just the same!!!

I grew this cauli!!!