Friday, October 17, 2014

Pollock's toy museum

When we were in London last month we happened upon this toy museum. Pollock's toy museum. I loved the building as much as the contents. Up little twisty staircases with tiny, dark, cramped rooms with teeny fireplaces in every one. I loved the way all the toys (and the building) had their patina of age, the clothes all ageing and fragile and nothing too overly clean and perfect. I could have spent more time there but my ever patient P got a bit restive!

On the knitting front I bought some Jill Draper wool and the pattern Hygge  from divine Loop to knit gorgeous little jumpers for my baby grandsons but the one I started turned out so ridiculously small I had to undo.  I can't understand how it can be so wrong!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cornwall, again.


 Hedgerows, Wadebridge.


 Port Issac

 Looking from Rock to Padstow.