Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010


Re upholstered chaise, with cushion, early birthday present from Granny, bless her.

The old tiles on the washstand. iam having a great deal of trouble blogging, my writing shifts and jumps and pictures disappear, why? So time consuming.....grrr

Clove studded orange, is it called a pomander? Hard on the fingertips to do!

My new VERY shabby chic, washstand Pete has fixed up for me. all that was left of it was the marble top which is broken in half. It was very stained but cleaned up quite well. Then there were the tiles and the little side pieces and the wooden frame around the tiles, the tiles weren't in the frame. It had the remains of white gloss paint on these bits. Pete made the cupboard and the top decorative piece, (which he copied the shape of from the side pieces) out of some macracarpa pine he had milled from our old fallen pines. On the washing machine beside you can see the rosy material I am going to make into curtains for it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Clock, dolls and Nautilus shells,kind of..........

Norm's old bakelite
clock. Norm died last month, he was 87 years old.

We have walked and walked the beaches, today we even walked in the rain, looking for these treasures, Paper Nautilus but sadly all we ever find are footprints and fragments, still lovely though I think.

Kaffe Fassett socks, I do so love Kaffe..

Tip shop baby, Tippy to her friends, has been dressed, her dress I made from one of Granny's old blouses.

Latest Victorian christening robe on right.

Miss Flora McFlimsey who came from ebay to live in our house.

Red quilt's progress.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quilts and stuff

I love old enamel ware.

Clive helping with my next 'random' patches quilt.
THE quilt!

We still have Wanderers in our garden!!

Old cottage, Boyes Road.

I finished this king sized
patchwork quilt, inspired by Yarnstorm and Posy Gets Cosy, two of my most favourite blogs.

Pete's new hat I knitted for him.

Clive's new purple patent leather collar.

Evandale Market again.

Badger corner, a pity about the oil slick here, reminding us of those poor oiled pelicans........This oil come from a leak in someone's boat maybe..

The 3rd thing in my collection of all things poodle.

Gunters Bay,

and I needed some butterfly slippers...

New gumboots from Evandale Market. If I cannot have
toile chairs, I'll have gumboots instead!