Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas breakfast.

Sarah's cat

Pete made this table.

Brita gave me this little bird for my birthday.

I made this afgan rug.

Our new chair covered in 'Dr Dolittle' fabric.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Homage to my favourite eclectic French person

A busy weekend

I have had a good go in my garden this weekend. I am trying to get it ALL weeded before the 20th when our daughter comes home for Christmas. Life has been really busy and stressful lately but there's nothing like gardening to soothe my frassled nerves!

Tangy lemon cake I made for Pete and our wonderful crutcher Glenn.

Alberine has been particularly lovely this year.

My new cushion covers from the community aid abroad shop, they are made from old saris and I just love them.

My roses have been glorious this year after all our lovely rain.

Lemons from Balfour Street in my beautiful trug my darling Sar gave me for my birthday.

Here is Chloe in her new bed.