Saturday, March 22, 2014

My wonderful husband made me an auricula theatre! I don't know how they will survive my roaring 40s coastal garden but they seem to be coping. One even has a bud!? Which I don't think it is supposed to yet......

We have new computer and I have new camera and so it has been hard to load these photos but phew! done at last.

Have nearly finished knitting this baby blanket for our SECOND grandchild!!!! Our other daughter is now pregnant, what a thrill!!! I decided to knit it all in garter stitch and then do a fancy edging but unfortunately it has been a very boring knit. Lovely Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino.

My fennel crop of seed or what I could be bothered harvesting before I felled the fennel forest. Roman matrons drank the tea from a teaspoon of fennel seed steeped in boiling water  for five minutes to stave off hunger and it is also meant to have slimming properties I think.

Our house is again becoming over run with pot plants. I love my old gloxinias and african violets and they love this house.

I love my mother's handpainted plate and hoya, reminds me of my 50s and 60s childhood.