Friday, October 29, 2010

New dolly

More of my coathanger covering obsession.
Papier mache shoulderhead doll with glass eyes on the left, she's gorgeously tatty and I think very old. I want to make her Jane Austen, empire line sort of clothes.

I love this combination of flowers.

The Show continued and Spring Flowers

Togetherness, Clive and Coco!

four additions to the family.....

Isn't he beautiful!

My ranunculas.

The Show

Wednesday, October 6, 2010



We now have two toy poodles. Coco ,Granny's poodle has come to live with us. We love her , she is full of joie d'vivre. Chloe doesn't seem put out at all.

Clive with ranunculas I grew.

Doc's wet dog print.

Granny as a bride 61 years ago.

This little dress was given to me for Sarah as a baby. It was bought in an op shop and is hand embroidered. On my first ever crocheted coathanger!
dottie angel's pattern.

Double yolker breakfast!

Dolly has new hair, dress and fetching black stockings.....

This is Albert and Frankie and Little Red Hen.