Friday, December 26, 2014

Stuff I've been making etc.

 I have had a continuing obsession with liberty lawn since the 70's. I think I will make a cushion for my rocking chair with the black (which is my homage to Mrs Delany). I want to make a king sized quilt with the white, ha ha..... My hands get sore doing it. We have watched the whole 6 series of Breaking Bad  and I've done this during. Quite incongruous I think, to do English paper piecing while watching that.

 The last little jumper is for my darling first grandson's toy hippo, who he dearly loves...

 Lovely hygge, wool and pattern from Loop. I am going to make another soon for my second adorable grandson.

 We have just finished painting our kitchen and office, 50 tubes of no more gaps later.....
 An Emperor moth who is unfortunately becoming quite rare. I am still very slow and useless at uploading photos to blogger and using the photo stuff on our Mac which we've had for a whole year now.