Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quilts and stuff

I love old enamel ware.

Clive helping with my next 'random' patches quilt.
THE quilt!

We still have Wanderers in our garden!!

Old cottage, Boyes Road.

I finished this king sized
patchwork quilt, inspired by Yarnstorm and Posy Gets Cosy, two of my most favourite blogs.

Pete's new hat I knitted for him.

Clive's new purple patent leather collar.

Evandale Market again.

Badger corner, a pity about the oil slick here, reminding us of those poor oiled pelicans........This oil come from a leak in someone's boat maybe..

The 3rd thing in my collection of all things poodle.

Gunters Bay,

and I needed some butterfly slippers...

New gumboots from Evandale Market. If I cannot have
toile chairs, I'll have gumboots instead!

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