Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lovely to be home in the Springtime

 We spent five days in Melbourne last week. We spent two nights in Carlton with Brita and met dear little Frida in the weekend. We went and saw the film of Patrick White's The Eye of the Storm. Brilliant acting, fabulous sets, lots of humour to make a bleak story bearable. We also went to the Tutenkamen Exhibition, very crowded which was annoying at $35 per head. We went to Patchwork on Central Park's 20% off sale which was very exciting too. And to L'uccello's vintage haberdashery where I couldn't stop swooning everywhere I looked.

 My second most favourite Beatrix Potter character, Mrs Tittlemouse. She LOVES Julie Whitmore pottery.
 I think I will have to buy more of this in the orange colour way, I beyond love it......

 This cheeky little person spends all his days fighting his reflection in the windows, I do wish he wouldn't , for his sake, much as I could look at him all day long.

Woke in the night for ages and just feel like doing this today........ but onwards and upwards........

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