Saturday, January 28, 2012

To London for Christmas

 In Melbourne before we left.
 In London. Pinecone of the glittering eyes...
 If you look carefully there is a beautiful fox above the fence in this photo. In broad daylight but why shouldn't they live in the city when their habitat is so depleted? I think the consensus now is they don't do much harm.
We couldn't get over how darkness fell so early, always took us by surprise.
 Westminster Abbey. Awe inspiring, seeing the ancient tombs of Kings and Queens and famous people......
 Sarah's beautiful Christmas cake. She got a vomiting bug on Christmas Day and after all her hard work preparing, she was bedridden for the day!

I would like to live somewhere like this if I lived in England, Sussex. I do love the UK so much!


  1. The fox picture is so mysterious! And what a lovely cake. Beautiful cottage too. The way the roof sags a bit, and the blue trim. perfection.

  2. More saggy roof pictures to follow! I do love saggy rooves! such a thrill to get comments from you!