Saturday, April 28, 2012


 Terrible over exposed photo of little cardi I knitted for baby William. I am learning to knit from the neck down on circular needles. And to follow American patterns, a challenge for me! I knitted the sleeves on 4 needles.
 A teeny tiny cardi for my  neice's baby who is expected in the Springtime. Copied from Pea  Soup, I love Ravelry! Made from neck down too although I didn't realise to begin with!
 A cowl for me...

 A cowl for Brita.
Paint Brush flowers or Elephant Ear bulbs, that are at the elephant ear stage now.

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  1. Thank you so much for dropping by and kind words - I have popped over to your blog many times and admired these particularly splendid flowers. Like many I do not always comment but I am here admiring - as with my blog that is fine and dandy. I have over 4000 (gulp) photos on Flickr and many, many photos from there have been taken for Pinterst. They are more difficult to track down and Pinterest says that they impossible to remove. That is why I sometimes make a posting where I say I am using old photos from Flickr - that way I can file the copyright form....oh dearie me. Like your lovely blog I just wanted to share some nice things in one space.

    Are you in the Highlands? A delicious part of the world - please excuse my poor geography - we used to go camping there a great deal before children.
    Many thanks once again
    Best wishes