Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby hat, Coco, quilt and Mrs Delany

 Loved knitting this 'pea soup' baby hat...
 I am quilting away on this, my 'far far away'  quilt, hope to get it all done before Sar gets home in mid July but I probably won't.

 Tomorrow we are 'going away', that is flying off the island for a few days. I always feel a bit stressed out about leaving 'this' behind, she is already getting anxious. when I get the suitcases out she will really go to pieces.
 I had really hoped we would get the museum exhibition, Farming in the Furneaux, finíshed before we left but still a bit more to do.....
I have been finding this a very soporific read. I love it though, fascinating and inspiring. I would like to have a go at collaging flowers on a black background.

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