Monday, July 9, 2012

jette arundal bowl, robins and roses

 Aren't robins magical? Every time I go outside this one is singing to me from a finial, he flies from finial to finial, definitely telling me something mystical.
 My Jette Arundal bowl Sar gave me for my birthday....I beyond love it, flash photo not the best shot of it.

New garden wall, we planted more roses.....


  1. That is the most spectacular house,(and fence and lawn, hope you'll post a picture when the roses are in bloom too,) and I must say I looked for the robin on one of your finials, but couldn'd see him, maybe he is nest building under your eaves!

  2. In the top picture Julie , the robin in sitting on top of the finial. Thankyou re the house,we love it, it os a bit of a rabbit warren inside though but we like it like that too....