Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Baby Sophisticates

 More Baby Sophisticates for our bubby.

Made some book marks inspired by my Liberty diary.
 Have never grown lilac like this before in our roaring 40s garden.
I made myself this simple tunic using a favourite old tunic for a pattern.


  1. Look at that lilac, like an old world painting. Love that liberty design and have a snippet of it somewheres.
    darling sweaters for baby!

  2. Hello again - how lovely to see lilac at this time of year, it will be months before we see it again here
    Thank you so much for calling in to my blog - I am feeling terrible because I removed some spam and accidentally deleted your comment. I am so sorry that I am so cack handed (as my old father would say). I would hate for you to think that I did it on purpose.
    Sorry again
    Best wishes